Philosophy of architectural design

AR-1 | architecture & design

  • Integrity
    We create a unified conceptual image of the object by working in parallel on the exterior and interior. This creates an indissoluble link between the exterior and the interior.
  • Uniqueness
    Regardless of the chosen style, all projects are designed without copying or applying templates. The starting point for creating a unique ideology and concept for each project is the wishes of the property owners and their lifestyle, landscape features, location history, views and insolation parameters.
  • Functionality
    No matter how spectacular the architecture and design of the interior space may be, they are meaningless if the object does not meet the functional and ergonomic needs of its owner. This is why at every stage of the design process, from the development of the layout to the selection of the finishing materials, we pay a lot of attention to the objectives of the property, the lifestyle and wishes of our clients, and regularly review the solutions that have already been implemented to ensure that they are effective.
  • A comprehensive approach
    We provide a full design cycle for the exterior and interior of an object from the sketching stage to the detailed design of all engineering systems, we carry out designer's supervision, and also act as a general contractor for construction, assembly and finishing works, taking all questions of the organisation of the implementation of the planned project on ourselves.